On the Curing Rack!

We have several soaps on the curing rack but I can’t wait for this one to be ready to use! Our Hawaiian Ginger beer soap was resurrected by customer request. She found a bar she didn’t know she had and said it was the first time she smiled in the shower in along time.  We couldn’t refuse that request and since our Hawaiian Ginger fragrance is almost gone for good, we thought this soap would be a perfect way to say goodbye. 
We used a rich spiced chai ale in this soap which is a dark ale that was brewed with actual chai tea. When I was mixing the soap together it was a beautiful honey brown so I topped it with a little bit of bronze sparkle and calendula petals.  It has lightened a bit but oh does it smell so good!  This soap will be ready for sale on May 29th and we’ll announce when it’s on our website.