Color Challenge

I participated in another of Amy Warden’s soap design challenges and this month, we were given two paint swatches with a theme of colors and we were to match those colors with either natural colorants only or synthetic colorants only. The design was up to the artisan.

I chose the autumn colors and natural colorants. Here is what I used to accomplish each color:

White: Australian Ivory Clay
Yellow: Annatto seeds infused in a smidgeon of oil
Red: Australian Red Clay
Grayish-Brown: A combination of charcoal and walnut powder

The yellow in the soap turned out a little brighter than I would have liked and the brown in the soap is only a tad off from the swatch which was a challenge to achieve. The white and the red I’m very happy with as they match well.

This was an interesting challenge and I think that the next time I’m in the paint section of the hardware store, I just may pick up some paint swatches.

9 thoughts on “Color Challenge

  1. Amy W says:

    I love it!! Great color matching! It is pretty fun to see what color combos go well together. You can peruse the design seeds website for more ideas as well. 🙂

    • Dawn says:

      Thanks Amy! Yes, it’s a wonderful idea to get color combos that go well with each other. I have some really nice colorants that I definitely under utilize and I think this is an excellent way to dust them off and get them into soap, where they were intended. Thanks for a great challenge!

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