Just Cut and On the Curing Rack

Today we cut one of the goat milk soaps we made on Tuesday. Our Chai Tea fragrance has a fair amount of vanilla and you can see the soap is darkening because of it. Knowing this before hand, I separated out a bit of soap prior to adding the fragrance. I left the white soap unfragranced. I wanted to convey what a cup of Chai Tea would look like if you were drinking it from a clear glass coffee cup. Before adding the white top, I blew lots of air bubbles into it with the emmersion blender. That added a foamier look to the white on top, just like my favorite latte. I then topped it of with a very light dusting of pumpkin spice glitter. Oooh I can’t wait for fall!

About the Fragrance

We are going back to the Chai Tea fragrance we had in 2012 because it was liked best by our customers. It is enhanced with clove buds and cinnamon bark with a hint of coconut milk, sweetened with vanilla and maple syrup. Truly a spicy blend of Chinese wisdom. 

About the Soap

Our goat milk soap is loaded with skin loving oils, such as; Shea butter, olive, rice bran, safflower, palm and coconut. We use raw goat milk from a local dairy, St. John Creamery from Lake Stevens, Washington so it has all of the enzymatic goodness the pasteurized milk cooks out. For an added bonus we then added a generous portion of colloidal oats which adds a wonderful creaminess to the lather.   Please note this is not a complete ingredients list

Our bars typically weigh between 4-4.5 oz each but we advertise 4oz so our customers get a little more. Why? Because we think you’re worth it!

Available for sale on: August 19, 2014.