Turmeric Ginger Milk Castile

turmeric ginger milk soap

I recently saw a recipe for Turmeric Tea posted by Wellness Mama. I’ve known of turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties for some time and have done turmeric soaps in the past. I like using herbs in my soaps but many add a scratchy feel to the soap which I don’t like. Turmeric is one of them. When I came across this turmeric milk recipe, I thought it a wonderful recipe for my turmeric Castile.

How we made this soap:

I added a piece of ginger root, whole peppercorns, the turmeric and canned coconut milk. I simmered that over the stove for an hour, then turned off the burner and covered until it cooled.

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I then strained out the turmeric and poured into ice cube molds. The cubes were such a beautiful yellow.


I proceeded to soap just like I would a traditional milk soap. I scented the soap with turmeric and ginger essential oils. No coloring was added to the soap except I did add a small amount of white clay to the swirled portion.

One thing I learned from the Wellness Mama site is that pepper is supposed to help with the absorption of turmeric. Turmeric and ginger are known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which is why I wanted to add this to my Castile line. We have many customers that use our soaps because they need gentle soaps that better agree with their skin conditions.

Since I was going for a 100% natural Castile I wanted to try the ghost swirl technique. This technique was created by a fellow soap artisan Clara Lindberg from South Africa. It uses no coloring, just added water to the soap you’re trying to swirl, then adding heat. I went with a basic tiger swirl and I did add a smidgeon of french white clay. Simple, pure, and natural. The way nature intends it.

turmeric ginger milk soap

This soap will not be ready for purchase until the end of November 2015.


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