How do you determine which synthetics are safe and which aren’t?
We scrutinize all of our ingredients both natural and synthetic. When we consider using an ingredient that is considered synthetic, we do our research. We talk with the manufacturer, when we can, to find out how the product was made, we research it online to find out all it’s pros and cons, and finally, we look it up at the Environmental Working Group’s website to determine it’s safety rating. Synthetics that are controversial, such as the most popular Parabens and Phthalates, are never considered.

Do your handmade soaps lather, leave an oily residue, or dissolve quickly?
We have been crafting handmade soaps since 2009. One of the challenges of crafting a good bar of soap is to formulate it so it cleanses and lathers well but doesn’t dry the skin or dissolve quickly when used. Our soaps have a nice creamy lather that rinse clean and leave no residues. They are also formulated so they will withstand several showers so they maintain their value. To get the most use from your natural soaps, make sure they are on a rack/dish that allows the whole bar to dry between washes. If you leave your soap sitting in water, it will dissolve much faster. For folks that live in hard water areas, the lather will be slightly muted as the minerals in the water hamper lather. We add a safe synthetic ingredient, that is derived from nature but altered, called Sodium Lactate. This ingredient causes the soap to overcome hard water issues more readily.

Do your Lip Balms get gritty?
No. Most often gritty lip balms are a result of the improper use of shea butter. While our lip balms do contain shea, it is the oil not the butter. This allows all the benefits that shea offers without the grit.

Why do you use synthetic fragrances?
We only use synthetic fragrances in wash-off products (soaps) and seasonal room sprays. We use them because there is a demand for fragrances that cannot be reproduced from pure essential oils. Since we are a connoisseur of all fragrance, we have chosen to continue offering a high quality selection to round out our line. All of our synthetic fragrances are phthalate-free. We also offer 100% natural fragrances for our customers that demand it.

Why are your liquid soaps so expensive?
Our liquid soaps are crafted in our studio by hand, just like our bar soaps. Our process is a several step process that takes time and expertise to obtain a consistent batch time and again. We’d also like to point out that our foaming soaps do last quite a bit longer than the commercial liquid soaps and they are much less drying. We also offer our foaming soaps in refill sizes so you can continue to use our high quality foamer bottles over and over which substantially reduces landfill waste.