Why Soap?

Soap..one of the most frequently used products in our daily lives yet few stop to think what is in that soap we use on our skin.  Frequently, commercial soaps are not as safe as they pretend to be.  Many commercial soaps, though cheap and plentiful, also come with a wide variety of chemicals that can jeopardize both human skin and human health, deprive skin of moisture, and generally are unnecessarily harsh.

So why handmade soap? Real soap naturally and gently cleanses without stripping your skin of it’s natural oils.  Stripping those oils has not only been found to cause dry, itchy skin but also can leave the skin inefficient in blocking various environmental hazards.  Real soap also has natural glycerin, a humectant that attracts moisture to the skin.  Handmade soap also effectively kills germs without the use of such harsh ingredients as triclosan.

Soap is also more soothing because of the addition of extra skin nurturing oils at the time it’s made.  Most importantly soap is absent of the drying detergents, dyes, preservatives, and other chemical additives found most often in the commerical bars you find in stores.

When presented with the overwhelming amount of evidence as to what is really in commercial soap, it is easy to see that natural and handmade alternatives are a better choice. However, few consumers know this, and are putting up with the negative effects of commercial soap without being fully aware of what they are putting on their skin day after day.

In my future posts, I will discuss some of the good, bad and ugly about soaps and other skin care products, as well as, provide simple solutions and recipes for helping you maintain a healthy and happy outer exterior. 

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