Turmeric Ginger Milk Castile

turmeric ginger milk soap

I recently saw a recipe for Turmeric Tea posted by Wellness Mama. I’ve known of turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties for some time and have done turmeric soaps in the past. I like using herbs in my soaps but many add a scratchy feel to the soap which I don’t like. Turmeric is one of them. When […]

Is Antibacterial Soap Really Necessary?

I recently came across a new website, http://www.fightgermsnow.com. The site’s primary focus is to alleviate concern about the safety and effectiveness of antibacterial soaps. While I’m unimpressed with the new Fight Germs Now web site, I’d like to scream from the rooftops, “Antibacterial soaps aren’t necessary!”   Antibacterial soap manufacturers want consumers to believe what […]